Meet Our Team



Excellent customer service is our goal. Our staff is here to serve your needs and the needs of the practice. Our staff is unique in that they have been with the practice for many years, several for over 20 years. The experience they bring to the practice and to serving patients is priceless.

Chairside Assistants

The role of the chairside assistants is to help in the delivery of treatment, patient education, and communication with both patients and parents. The assistants allow for more efficient delivery of care, serving as an extension of the doctor. Once patients check in, they will be seated by an assistant and prepared for their specific appointment. The assistants become very involved with patient treatment and are a great source of information for things such as the progress of treatment and the general care of the teeth and appliances. Throughout treatment, the assistants are available to answer questions and suggest solutions to common problems. At the completion of the each appointment, the assistants will communicate important aspects of the visit to the parent and will direct you to the front desk to schedule the next appointment. If there are any questions regarding treatment we encourage you to ask the assistants or the doctor.

Business Staff

The business staff consists of the receptionists and the financial administrator. The role of the business staff is to communicate with patients regarding appointments, financial issues, and general concerns regarding treatment. Our business staff is very knowledgeable and dedicated to serving your needs. Please feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

Treatment Coordinator

New patients are scheduled for an appointment with our treatment coordinator. The role of the treatment coordinator is to gather pertinent information for the doctor and to prepare patients for the doctor's examination. If the doctor determines that treatment is indicated, a records appointment will be scheduled or done that day as time allows. Prior to starting treatment, patients are scheduled for a consultation appointment with the treatment coordinator. During the consultation we provide the responsible party information regarding the financial aspects of treatment and describe the important details of treatment. Having over 22 years of experience, our treatment coordinator is able to answer any questions you have regarding treatment, insurance benefits, or other financial related questions. Again we encourage you to ask questions.

Laboratory Staff

We are fortunate to have our own in-house dental laboratory. This provides our patients with high quality appliances delivered in a predictable manner. Our lab provides us with study models, specialty appliances such as expanders, and nearly all of our retainers. Our lab technician has more than 21 years of experience making orthodontic appliances. Apart from the superior lab quality, having our own lab allows quick turn around and gives us the ability to deliver appliances in a timely manner including the same day if necessary.